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You Can Help Programme

In 2009, the International 470 Class Association launched a new programme called "You Can Help". This programme aims at collecting second hand equipment from 470 sailors, mainly those having taking part in the last Olympic campaign and in international events, to give it to sailors from emerging 470 sailing countries.

Do you have tons of used equipment left from your past Olympic Campaign? Please consider giving it to sailors who could really benefit.

The Goal
To collect second hand equipment in good condition from sailors that no longer use it and give it to sailors from emerging sailing countries and winners of the International Solidarity Program, a program of the 470 Internationale.

There are many countries in which 470 sailors are using extremely old boats and sails. You could give a hand to their development and progres by donating some of your used equipment.

You can help other sailors to improve their sailing level by starting to use better equipment. Donating your used sails may be of great importance for somebody that is using material that was made before he was born.

Just send solidarity@470.org an e-mail if you think you can help in any way and then bring the equipment with you to a major event this year. We will arrange to get the equipment to the sailors that need it as fast as possible.

A HUGE THANKS to everyone who gives his support!

The 470 Internationale and Olimpic Sails kick started the programme by donating two completes sets of sails in very good condition to Cyprus and South Africa.

If you have equipment to offer or would like to request equipment, please contact: solidarity@470.org