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André Cornu Grant

The International 470 Class Association launched the André Cornu Grant in 2005 in order to honour  the French naval architect who “gave birth” to the 470, the fast, athletic and tactical boat that every one knows. André Cornu passed away in the summer of 2003.

André paid always a lot of attention to the youth and, every time he could see young girls and boys sailing in 470, he used to say: “I am so proud of having contributed with the 470 to give them a chance to have fun.”

The International 470 Class Association thought that the best way to pay the right tribute to André was to set up a grant dedicated to the youth and more specifically to the winners of the boys’ and girls’ double handed dinghy event at the ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship. The grant consists of a financial award of the EUR1000 awarded to each of the winning Boy and Girl crews of the  ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship, if they decide to take part either in the 470 Class Junior World Championship or in the 470 Class World Championships in the following sailing season.

The Cornu Family happily joined in 2005 the launch of this grant and is now fully backing it by providing a consistent financial support every year.

Jordi Xammar (ESP) and Lara Vadlau (AUT) receive their awards at the 2012 470 World Championships © Thom Touw

Year of Award Sailor Nation Gender
  2012 World Championships   Lara Vadlau   AUT   Female
  2012 World Championships   Jordi Xammar   ESP   Male
  2010 World Championships   Phil Sparks   GBR   Male
  2010 World Championships   Martine Grael   BRA   Female

For 2010 only, the funding available to young sailors in the 470 Class was increased thanks to the generosity of Jean-Claude Cornu, son of the 470 designer and famous former 470 sailor, through the André Cornu Grant. Additional financial support was provided through the André Cornu Grant to the 470 Junior European Championship, with a grant of up to EUR1,000 per crew to the top placed boys and girls teams at the 470 Junior Europeans, who also competed at the 2009 ISAF Youth Sailing World Championships in the 420 class.

Image: Martine Grael receives her award © Thom Touw

Year of Award Sailor Nation Gender
  2010 Junior Europeans   Dirk Bennen   NED   Male
  2010 Junior Europeans   Rosita Baker   NED   Female

Awarding ceremony of the André Cornu Grant at the 2010 Junior Europans - left to right, Dirk Bennen,  Rosita Baker, Alain Corcuff (470 Secretary General)