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Sailing World Rankings

The Sailing World  Rankings are the definitive rankings for Olympic sailors. The Sailing World Rankings were revamped three years ago so that sailors could measure performance in the Olympic class regattas over a 12-month period.



ISAF and the Olympic classes use this worldwide ranking as the basis for qualification to regattas with restricted entry, such as the ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas; meanwhile, many countries use it as a basis for selection between their sailors. Climbing the world rankings is becoming an essential element of any sailor’s Olympic campaign.

To establish a world ranking sailors count the points from their top-six regattas over the previous 12 months; if a sailor has competed in fewer than six regattas, then he or she is unlikely to be world #1 in their class. Regattas are classified as 200, 100 or 50-pointers. World championships and ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas are 200-pointers. Continental championships and major international regattas are 100-pointers, and other international regattas are 50-pointers.

The winner gains the maximum points while points for finishing halfway down the fleet are half this maximum. This means that a good result at a 100-pointer will score more points than a poor result at a 200-pointer, so top sailors have to keep performing to avoid being overtaken.

Nearly one hundred 50-point regattas are recognised by ISAF in 2015 so entry into the rankings is relatively easy. But next comes the campaign to climb those rankings to receive invitations to restricted entry events like the ISAF Sailing World Cup.

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has updated and enhanced its ISAF Sailing World Rankings system for fleet racing, which was launched on 19 September 2012. The new calculation uses an annual system, a simpler formula and three possible event grades. Key Changes are:

• A one year rolling system
• Sailors can count points from a maximum of six regattas
• The grading of regattas for the Olympic classes will be allocated one of the following three grades: 200-pointers, 100-pointers or 50-pointers
• Simplified calculation formula
• Olympic Games and Test Events will not be graded regattas.

The new formula for calculating ranking points is: Points=E(N-P+1)/N (E is Event Rank, N is # entries and P is place). The top 85% of finishers at a regatta will receive points and scores will be rounded down to the next whole number.

All ISAF Sailing World Cup regattas will be 200-pointers along with the class World Championships and the ISAF Sailing World Championships. A sailor may count a maximum of three results from the World Cup. ISAF Regulation 27 sets out the other considerations for regatta grading.

The Grading Criteria for Ranked Events is defined in ISAF Regulation 27.1.

Sailors will only receive ranking points from events that fully comply with the Regulations.

The dates and grading will be confirmed by the Secretariat which will endeavour to avoid conflicting dates and to ensure the Regulations determining how many of each grade of event may take place per contintent for each class.

The following Grades apply:

200-points - ISAF Sailing World Cup, Olympic Class World Championships, ISAF Sailing World Championships;
100-points - Olympic Class World Championships (not-compliant with 200-point criteria), Olympic class Continental Championships and Other major international events using Olympic equipment;
50-points - Olympic Class Continental Championships, other international evnts using Olympic equipment (not compliant with 100-point criteria).

Events which attract particularly large and competitive fleets can be upgraded providing they meet the Grading criteria of the higher level. Events can also be downgraded if they fail to meet the criteria.

The ISAF Sailing World Ranking release dates for 2016 are confirmed as:

Monday 1 February 2016
Monday 21 March 2016
Monday 2 May 2016
Monday 13 June 2016
Monday 29 August 2016 - not realeased
Monday 26 September 2016
Monday 31 October 2016
Monday 19 December 2016

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