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420 and 470 Joint Programmes

As partnership classes, the 470 and 420 work closely together in various areas of the sport.

Of key importance to the development of sailing is our Joint Development Programme which has a its goals to:

  • To introduce and develop both classes – 420 and 470 in countries and regions where sailing is emerging or is less active.
  • To support the sailors from those countries or regions to improve their skill level and knowledge of the 420 and 470 techniques.
  • To encourage sailors to participate in 420 and 470 Championships, so that the global fleets develop and sailors can share their knowledge with their national fleets.
  • To improve the coaching in those countries or regions by sharing the knowledge of experienced coaches, well familiar with both classes.
  • To support the provision of 470 and 420 equipment to nations.

Clinics have been run in Angola, Africa and Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you would like a clinic in your country or for further information please contact: solidarity@470.org