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Bid for a 470 Championship

The International 470 Class Association welcomes bids from around the world to host International 470 Championships.

All bids should comply with the requirements of the 470 Class Championship Organisation Manual.

The 470 Championship Organisation Plan webpage shows future venues already decided.

Please be aware that we combine the Open Junior 470 European Championship with the 420 Class Junior European Championship. The International 420 Class Association decides the venue for even years and the International 470 Class decides the venue for odd years. For the 2026 Junior European Championship, it is the International 420 Class Association that will decide the venue for the Championship at their 2024 General Assembly Meeting. 

All bids are normally presented for approval by the 470 General Assembly Meeting, which is held annually, either during an International 470 Championship or in conjunction with the WS Annual Conference. In special cases the General Asembly may authorize the Management Committee to select a venue for an event. The details below set out the requirements for bidding. If you have any queries, please contact office@470.org

Bids shall be submitted using the Championship Bid Application Form and shall include, at least, the following information and documents:

  • a declaration signed by the President or the Secretary General of the National 470 Class Association, and endorsed by the President of the proposed Organising Authority; this letter shall specify the Championship(s) and the year(s) for which this organisation is proposed, shall include the preferred dates, as well as the other possible dates or impossible dates and shall explain the reasons why the National 470 Class Association considers this candidature valuable for the 470 Class and for the relevant country or area; this letter shall also state and show evidence that no existing national law or regulation might prevent one or some National 470 Class Associations to take part in the Championship;
  • a declaration by the President of the proposed Organising Authority acknowledging that he has read the 470 Class Championship Organisation Manual and that he agrees on applying it for the proposed organisation; if any, this letter shall list any departure from the requirements of the Manual that the proposed Organising Authority would like to introduce or discuss, and provide rationale accordingly (refer to the typical applicant form here after);
  • a presentation of the proposed Organising Authority: venue, name and type (Sailing Club, group of Clubs, other types), number of members, financial turnover, facilities ashore, available equipment for regattas, description of the race area (map, wind conditions, currents, traffic, …);
  • a presentation of the references and experience of the proposed Organising Authority in the organisation of similar events;
  • an estimate of the total budget needed for the proposed organisation, and the associated financial plan expected by the Organising Authority (entry fees, subsidies, sponsorship fees, merchandising, others);
  • any additional information and comments that the applicant feels necessary to give to complete the bid.
  • a support letter from the President or Secretary General of the respective Member National Authority (MNA) (sample template, the MNA may use their own letterhead)


Please complete and submit your bid on the 470 Championship Bid Application Form.

Do not hesitate to contact us on office@470.org if you need further information.