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07 Mar 2021

The 2021 General Assembly meeting concluded on Saturday March 6th in Vilamoura with the election of the new President, Andreas Kosmatopoulos from Greece and the remaining members of the new Management Committee.

Andreas, 470 World Champion in 1995 and five-time Olympian, 1992 to 2008, together with Alain Champy (FRA), Pınar Coşkuner Genç (TUR), Ikuko Horikawa (JPN), David Hughes (USA), Agnes Lill (EST), Vincenzo Losito (ITA), Lukas Mähr (AUT), Jacob Saunders (CAN) and Haluk Suntay (TUR), will lead the class into 2024 and a new era in the Olympic history of the 470 Class.

The General Assembly decided on the allocation of the class events in 2022 and 2023:
- World Championship 2022 in Israel
- European Championship 2022 in Turkey
- European Championship and Open Fleet World Championship 2023 in Germany
- Junior World Championship 2023 in Lithuania
- Junior European Championship 2023 in Russia
- Masters' Cup 2023 in Germany

The World Championship of the Mixed Fleet in 2023 is in the Netherlands, together with all the other Olympic Classes.

On the technical side, the carbon mast change will not be implemented for 2024 but the project will continue for the 2028 Olympics instead. The class will initiate a series of tests of various RR42 modifications in the class rules, including a ban on upwind body pumping and variations on the wind speed limit for activating the Oscar flag, for a final decision to be taken by the end of 2021. 

Finally, our Junior fleet will sail the 2021 events with the age limit raised by one year, because of the loss of the 2020 events. This change is not permanent and in 2022 the age limit will be the class normal.

The draft minutes will be posted soon on the class website.

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