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04 Nov 2018
"Equipment trials will not be held for Mixed Two-Person Dinghy. Logic dictates 470 will be selected"

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is made up of delegates from member national authorities (MNA), with each MNA entitled to one vote.

Although a decision was made in May 2018, World Sailing's Regulations allow both the Events and Equipment to be amended at the 2018 Annual Conference by World Sailing's Council before ratification at the AGM.

The AGM was invited to debate and vote on a proposal from the World Sailing Council meeting of 1 November 2018 to include a new Mixed Keelboat Offshore event. This proposal was approved by the AGM who confirmed the final 2024 Olympic events/equipment line-up as follows:

Men’s Windsurfer – equipment evaluation
Women’s Windsurfer – equipment evaluation
Mixed Kite – equipment evaluation
Men’s One Person Dinghy – Laser (re-evaluation)
Women’s One Person Dinghy – Laser Radial (re-evaluation)
Mixed One Person Dinghy – Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore
Mixed Two Person Dinghy – equipment evaluation
Men’s Skiff – 49er
Women’s Skiff – 49erFX
Mixed Multihull – Nacra 17

World Sailing has confirmed it will select the equipment for the Mixed Two-Person Dinghy as soon as possible. However, the equipment selection process obliges World Sailing to invite interested parties to submit their interest in line with the approved equipment specification criteria, which has been confirmed as:

“Equipment Criteria for Mixed Two Person Dinghy:
Boat concept:  Displacement (Non-Foiling)
Skipper weight range: 50 - 70 kg.
Crew weight range: 65 - 80 kg.
Sail size: Mainsail 9 - 10 m2. Jib: 3 - 4 m2 Spinnaker: 13 - 14 m2
Sail types: Mainsail, headsail and spinnaker
Suitable wind range for competition: 5 - 35 knots.

Builder / Class structure: Measurement controlled

Format proposal: Various options for fleet racing – trapezoid, windward/leeward, triangle
courses, downwind slalom and/or middle gates.

Other Equipment considerations: Glass fibre reinforced with polyester construction,
symmetrical spinnaker, single trapeze rig, class rules to permit adjustable and optionally
arranged rig and sail control systems.”

In respect of the next steps in the process to select the equipment, Council has approved an evaluation procedure which will be based on evaluation against the equipment criteria, so there will not be any equipment trials. The importance of urgently selecting equipment to remove any uncertainty for the future is acknowledged. The evaluation will be undertaken by the Equipment Committee and is scheduled to take place as soon as possible, in order that the equipment can be selected well ahead of the 2019 World Sailing Mid-Year Meeting.

“The International 470 Class thanks the many Committees who endorsed the retention and recognized the importance of the two-person dinghy within the Olympic programme, back in May 2018 and again here at the World Sailing annual conference in Sarasota,” commented Dimitris Dimou, President of the International 470 Class Association.

“It is clear that the intention of World Sailing is to retain the 470 class as the equipment for the mixed two-person dinghy and we look forward to the formal announcement being made early in 2019.

“The 470 Class is excited about the unique opportunity ahead to showcase mixed two-person dinghy sailing and will be working closely with our sailors and all our stakeholders.”

Click here to read the World Sailing report

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