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470 World Championships


24 Jun 2016

Report written by Organizing Committee

The 470 Junior World Championships entered the Finals stage today and the big shifts, especially in the second races later in the day, proved particularly random and problematic.

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2016 470 Junior World Championships

The saving grace for many of the top contenders who found themselves deep in the fleet at the finish is that most of their main title rivals were down there with them.

470 MEN
The Men’s fleet reported a shift of 50 degrees during the second race. If you were on the wrong side of it there was no way back. Spain’s Charles brothers won the first race and were leading the second before the Big Shift summarily dumped them to a 24th – a discard they did not really want with one more day of racing before Sunday’s Medal race (watch the medal races live on www.kieler-woche.de).

Germany’s top hopes Malte Winkel and Matti Cipra, leaders going into today’s races, were also badly positioned relative to the shift. But they partner their resulting 10th to a 17th and so drop to second. Japan’s Keiju Okada and Naoya Kimura lead overall now with no finish out of the top 10 across all seven races so far.

“We were feeling really fast and made good starts and won the first race. We got the first two shifts right and then just had to pull in the Swiss boat which was leading which we did with good speed. In the second race we were first at the top mark but then on the downwind there was a 50 degree shift to the right. We were in the wrong position and so we dropped a lot of positions. We took too much risks to come back and in the end we lost more boats. I do think they should have abandoned the race,” David Charles said. The Barcelona twins lie third just three points behind the Japanese leaders.

“We did not make good starts and then made mistakes and ended up in the traffic. It was hard to get back. We did not have a good view of what was happening, we were not clear in our thinking. We need to focus on the good results to rebuild our confidence in our decision making, which shifts and gusts to take.” Is the assessment of Germany’s Malte Winkel.

France’s defending champions Guillaume Pirouelle and Valentin Sipan had a better day, winning the second race they are tied on 24 points with the Spanish brothers who pipped them to the ISAF Youth Worlds title in the 420 in 2012.

470 Men - Provisional Results after 7 Races
 1. Keiju OKADA/Naoya KIMURA (JPN 4562) - 21  pts
2. Malte WINKEL/Matti CIPRA (GER 13) - 22  pts
3. David CHARLES/Alex CHARLES (ESP 1) - 24  pts
4. Guillaume PIROUELLE/Valentin SIPAN (FRA 76) - 24  pts
5. Maor ABU/Yoav ROOZ (ISR 10) - 29  pts
6. Giacomo FERRARI/Giulio CALABRO’ (ITA 757) - 36  pts
7. Balázs GYAPJAS/Zsombor GYAPJAS (HUN 1) - 40  pts
8. Daichi TAKAYAMA/Akira TAKAYANAGI (JPN 4585) - 41  pts
9. David BIEDERMANN/Max HAENSSLER (SUI 97) - 44  pts
10. Oleksii ZINCHENKO/Ihor HOLOVIN (UKR 99) - 45  pts

In the Women’s races the Spanish leaders suffered a similar fate to their male counterparts. Silvia Mas and Paula Barcelo could not use the big changes in direction to best effect. Their 17th is their discard but they still have five points in hand over Maria Bozi and Rafailina Klonaridou, last year’s runners up who had a 14th in the same race.

Best scoring female duo today was Israel’s big changes in direction to best effect. Their 17th is their discard but they still have five points in hand over Maria Bozi and Rafailina Klonaridou, last year’s runners up who had a 14th in the same race. Best scoring female duo today was Israel’s Yahel Wallach and Shahar Tibi with a 6,2. Israel have two womens crews in the top seven.

“It was so shifty today and we were very, very bad. We sailed so bad. I don’t know why we are the same as the boys, we must think the same. But we never feel pressure to sail well. We just go out and sail our best.” Explains leading helm Silvia Mas from Barcelona. The leading duo sail with a picture of the Virgin Mary taped to their side-tank. “We have sailed and trained with the boys for many years and that has definitely helped us. We are very close and help each other.” She adds.

470 Women - Provisional Results after 7 Races
1. Silvia Mas DEPARES/Paula Barcelo MARTIN (ESP 18) - 41  pts
2. Maria BOZI/Rafailina KLONARIDOU (GRE 21) - 43  pts
3. Marina LEFORT/Lara GRANIER (FRA 7) - 46  pts
4. Frederike LOEWE/Anna MARKFORT (GER 26) - 63  pts
5. Yahel WALLACH/Shahar TIBI (ISR 12) - 62  pts
6. Benedetta di SALLE/Alessandra DUBBINI (ITA 74) - 68  pts
7. Noya BAR-AM/Rimon SHOSHAN (ISR 11) - 76  pts
8. Beste KAYNAKCI/Sİmay ASLAN (TUR 99) - 79  pts
9. Theres DAHNKE/Birte WINKEL (GER 20) - 89  pts
10. Ilaria PATERNOSTER/Bianca CARUSO (ITA 33) - 78  pts


Catch up with live streaming at: http://www.kielerwoche.tv

About the 2016 470 Junior World Championship
The 2016 470 Junior World Championship is organized by Kieler Yacht-Club in co-operation with the International 470 Class Association, 20-26 June 2016, Kiel, Germany. The racing format is a 10 race series scheduled for the 470 Men and 470 Women fleets, followed by the medal race for the top ten teams in each fleet and a final race for the other teams. The men’s fleet are seeded into yellow and blue fleet for the qualifying series, before being split into gold and silver for the final series, with the women racing a single fleet series.

Nations represented at the 2016 470 Junior World Championship are: Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

A performance racing machine, the 470 rewards agility, tactics, tuning, sailing skills, strategy and mental astuteness. Teamwork is crucial and the pressure is high, with Junior World titles at stake.

Useful Links
Championship website – http://2016juniorworlds.470.org
Live Tracking on Kieler Woche website – https://kielerwoche2016.sapsailing.com
Kieler Woche website - http://www.kieler-woche.de/english/sailing/
Results - http://2016juniorworlds.470.org/en/default/races/race-resultsall
Kieler Woche TV - http://www.kielerwoche.tv

Media Information
The local Organizing Committee will be providing daily photo galleries which will be available on the Kieler Woche website, Junior World Championship website and Facebook.

Request for high resolution images for media use should be made to Ralf Abratis on ralf.abratis@svg-verlag.de

Daily video highlights will be published on the Kieler Woche website and Junior World Championship website.

Social Media
International 470 Class Association on Facebook will bring you regular updates at www.facebook.com/470olympicsailing

The @470sailing Twitter account will be following the action throughout the Championship. Get involved by using #470juniorworlds and #470sailing

Follow the 2016 470 Junior World Championship via YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/KiWoOnline/videos

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