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13 May 2010

ISAF Publishes Olympic Commission Draft Report

Following the ISAF Mid-Year meeting at Lake Balaton, Hungary, ISAF has published the Olympic Commission Draft Report to the ISAF Executive Committee.

Phil Jones, Chairman of the Olympic Commission, explains what the draft Report addresses:

“The IOC analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the sports on the Olympic Program and what value they add at the Olympic Games. We have looked at how we are performing, both against the evaluation criteria that the IOC has adopted and against other sports. In some areas we get big ticks and others we have considerable work to do. Our aim must be to strengthen the position of sailing in the Olympic Games."

The Commission has set out to put forward the best solutions to the issues identified. We have considered 5 key areas that need to be addressed, and made recommendations about the changes required in each area. The Report looks at: Increasing Universality, Expanding Qualification Opportunities, Building Popularity, Improving Event Structure and Enhancing the Olympic Games.

The Commission considers that by implementing the changes outlined in the draft Report, ISAF will maximise the value that sailing brings to the Olympic Games. If we do this, the sport in the Olympic Games will become stronger and more popular, and the sailors, Member National Authorities, Class Associations, Clubs and other stakeholders will all benefit.

I urge people to read the Report as a whole. The different areas are often inter-related and changes in one area impact others. Many reading the Report will have specific interests and I ask that they set these aside and consider the direction set out with the best general interests of the sport in mind. Importantly the report should not be considered final. Feedback is now important in refining the direction we take.

The view of the Commission, endorsed by the ISAF Council following the presentation, is that ‘to do nothing is not an option’. We face some difficult challenges. The changes necessary require ISAF Committees, MNAs, Class Associations, Athletes and others to work together in a common direction. Only in this way will we secure and strengthen the position of sailing as an Olympic Sport.”

In November 2008 the ISAF Council approved Submission 82-08 from Yachting Australia urging the establishment of a comprehensive vision and strategy to strengthen sailing as a sport in the Olympic Games. The Olympic Commission was appointed by the ISAF Executive Committee in March 2009. The Terms of Reference of the Commission as set down by the Executive were:

‘To assist the ISAF Executive Committee in developing, agreeing and promoting a comprehensive vision and strategy on the sport of sailing in the Olympic Games’

The Executive Committee appointed the following members to the Olympic Commission:

Phil Jones (AUS) – Chairman
Ben Barger (USA) - Chairman of Athletes Commission
Chris Atkins (GBR) – Chairman of Events Committee and Council Member
Cory Sertl (USA) – Women’s Forum, Youth Worlds SC and Council Member
Georg Fundak (AUT) – Chairman of Coaches Commission
Scott Perry (URU) – Chairman of Regional Games Committee
Dick Batt (GBR) – Chairman of the Equipment Committee

The Commission provided a report to the Executive Committee in March. The Executive Committee invited the Commission to make a full presentation to the ISAF Council at the ISAF Mid Year in Hungary prior to wider publication of the draft Report for comment.

Göran Petersson, ISAF President said, “The commitment of ISAF to ensure we strengthen sailing’s position as an Olympic sport is crucial to the long term success of our sport. I would like to thank the members of the Olympic Commission for all their hard work and commitment to the sport of sailing. The Executive Committee will now review the Report, consider the comments received and other related issues such as financial, legal, political and resource matters.”

The following timetable has been established for 2010:

6-9 May 2010: Council and Events Committee received a presentation from the Olympic Commission.
12 May 2010: The draft Report is published on the ISAF website
21 June 2010: Final day for receiving comments
5-6 July 2010: Meeting of the Executive Committee
4-14 November 2010: ISAF Annual Conference where the Executive Committee will present to Council its recommendations for discussion and propose the next steps.

All comments should be sent to the ISAF Secretariat by clicking here

Click here to view the Olympic Commission Draft Report to the ISAF Executive Committee (May 2010)

Click here to view the Appendices
Appendix A - IOC Olympic Programme Commission - Evaluation Criteria - 2005
Appendix B - 2005 Report to the 117th IOC Session
Appendix C - 2009 Olympic Programme Commission Report
Appendix D - XXX Games of the Olympiad 2012 - Qualification System Principles
Appendix E - FACTSHEET - The Sports on the Olympic Programme
Appendix F - The Olympic Movement in Society – Copenhagen, 2009

Source: ISAF