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08 Mar 2012

Charter Boat Support Programme for 2012 Worlds

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2012 470 World Championship

Do you dream of going to the Olympics? The International 470 Class Association wants to support your campaign for the 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition with the provision of charters boats to teams competing at the 2012 470 World Championships.

The Goal
Following the success of the Charter Boat Programme at the Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships, the International 470 Class will again be providing eight brand new 470s for charter at the 2012 470 World Championships, taking place in Barcelona, Spain from 10-19 May 2012. The 2012 470 Worlds are the final qualification event for the 2012 Olympic Games, with 5 places available for the 470 women event and 7 places available for the 470 men.

The 2012 Charter Boat Programme is focusing on support to teams representing nations which are not yet qualified to the 2012 Olympic Games.

How are we helping?
The International 470 Class has partnered with 470 builder BlueBlue, who are based in Poland, to provide eight charter boats for the Championship at a considerably subsidised charter fee of EUR300 per boat per team.

The charter boats are brand new 470’s fully equipped and ready to sail, with teams only needing to supply their own sails. The 470s will be available for collection from the BlueBlue representative in Barcelona on 6 May or 10 May 2012 and shall be returned to the BlueBlue representative after racing on 19 May 2012.

Teams may be required to provide a damage deposit to BlueBlue for the charter boats and more information will be made available on this. Teams using the charter boats will be required to provide their own insurance as required by the Notice of Race.

For Who?
The 470 Charter Boat Support Programme is for any crew that is eligible to take part in the 2012 470 World Championships, with preference will be given to teams from nations not yet qualified to the Olympic Games.

How To Apply
To apply to use the charter boats, please complete the Charter Boat Support Programme Application Form and return it to solidarity@470.org

Please be aware that we will only consider applications from teams eligible to compete at the 2012 470 World Championships and who have already completed their online entry at www.470.org/events. Charter Boat Applications must be submitted to solidarity@470.org by the deadline of 23 March 2012.

The International 470 Class will confirm to the successful teams by 27 March 2012. Teams then have 7 days from that date to make payment of the EUR300 charter fee and make payment of the entry fee for the 2012 470 World Championships, so by 2300 hours UTC on 3 April 2012. If payment is not completed by that date, then the boat will be released for use by another team.

Teams who are given a charter boat and are then not able to compete at the 2012 470 World Championships will not be entitled to a refund of the charter fee of EUR300, unless the boat is allocated to another team.

Entry to the 2012 ISAF Sailing World Championships
Online entry can be made at www.470.org/events

Championship Clinic
And why not apply to take part in the Championship Clinic being run by multi-Olympian Andreas Kosmatopoulos (GRE) immediately before the 2012 470 World Championships - find out more

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