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20 Feb 2023

Enjoy a great sailing competition from 22nd to 25th  June at the waters where 2020 Olympic Games were held.

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JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week 2023

The JSAF provides the opportunity with no entry fee and charter boats in affordable prices for overseas participants. Τhis way, you will be able to compete and feel the atmosphere of Tokyo Olympic Games Sea and the environment in Enoshima, the official Sailing 2020 Olympic Games venue. 

We strongly recommend you take this opportunity and sail in a highly competitive sailing event.

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The "ASAF Sailing Cup JSAF Enoshima Olympic Week 2023" will be held by Japan Sailing Federation. This race was first held in 1977 to commemorate the 1964 Tokyo Olympics yachting event held in Enoshima. For 45 years, it has built up a history as an international race in which athletes from overseas can also participate. In addition, as a world sailing grade 2 event, it is positioned as a high-level race that brings together athletes who have competed in the world championships in each class as well as promising youth athletes. Towards the 50th anniversary of the event, we intend to develop this competition as an international race that represents not only Japan but also Asia. I also hope that the sailors will be active in the world from here Enoshima.
MASUHIRO BAMBA President, Japan Sailing Federation

The 2023 Enoshima Olympic Week will be held in June from 22nd to 25th. The Japan Sailing Federation as an organizer, will once again focus on developing this competition into an international event that represents Asia. Participants from Asian countries are most welcome. We have charter boats available for the event. In addition, the entry fee for participants from overseas will be borne by the organizer as an invited sailor.
Masaki Yamazaki President, Japan 470 Class Association

For more information: https://www.jeow.org/