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12 May 2022

Eight teams from four nations have been taking part in the 470 Emerging Nations Clinic since  May 8 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Serbia (1), North Macedonia (4), Turkey (1), Lithuania (2) are the participating nations with their young mixed teams. 

The 470 ICA have supplied six 470s and sails while two teams brought their own boats. The clinic instructor is Olympic coach Elias Mylonas, supported by local coaches under the supervision of the Class president Andreas Kosmatopoulos.

470 Class president commented: “We are pleased to see the excitement of the young sailors and the eagerness for learning. Significant improvements already have been made and a package of valuable information has been delivered. The 470 ICA is willing to expand the clinic concept with supplied 470s as this reduces significantly the cost for the sailors and federations and makes participation simpler. We are giving an opportunity to emerging nations and new teams to receive elite coaching and learn the 470, bringing them all together. I would like to thank the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki for their hospitality and unconditional support for hosting the 470 ICA clinic”.

Elias Mylonas Olympic coach and clinic instructor commented: “I am very satisfied with this clinicin the friendly environment of NCTH and Thessaloniki. We managed to run a clinic in high standard with new mixed teams from nearby 470 emerging nations. The ideal weather conditions helped us to run proper drills for each sailor’s level. I would like to thank the 470 ICA for delivering this great service to our sailors”.

Natalija and Peter from the Serbian team commented: ”We are very grateful for the opportunity you have given us and the knowledge shared; we couldn’t even imagine. We hope we will meet and sail again together. Thank you for everything.”

Petar Paunche, the coach from North Macedonia commented: “We are very happy we had  this opportunity and the chance to attend the 470 clinic. We aregetting knowledge and experience from the 470 class and world’s best coaches. Extremely thankful!”.

Evgenja Ognenova sailor from North Macedonia commented: “I appreciate this opportunity. This clinic will help me in my future sailing career. I learned a lot those past days and I will use it in the future.”

Kaan, Defne and Efe, Turkish coach and the team commented: “ We want to thank everyone for organizing this clinic. Everything is perfect. We are learning a lot thanks to the coaches. The wind conditions are very good for improving ourselves and it is also very hot which is nice! We hope to participate in more training camps in the near future”.

Antanas Juodsnukis, Luthianian 470 class president and coach commented: “Sometimes it happens, good idea, good mood! Go forward! We are in! Many thanks for everything to the 470 Int. class”.

Daumante  and Jurgis, Luthuanian sailors, commented: “ We are really thankful for this opportunity. It’s really amazing, everything goes smoothly, the weather and wind is perfect for us. Everyone is friendly and is helping each other. We are learning a lot of new things each day so we are really happy to be here.  A major thank you from us”.

The 470 clinic finishes on May 15.