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The Sailing program of 1980 consisted of a total of six sailing classes (disciplines).

Russia had been part of the Olympics since 1900, and though the status of Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia had caused political problems in the past, it was nothing like the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The USA failed to have a boycott of the Moscow Games imposed but a high number of countries, probably 40-50, or individual sports federations, decided not to send teams. The official tally shows 80 nations competing where they had been 92 and 121 in Montreal and Munich.

In sporting terms the notable absentees were the USA, Japan and West Germany and along with these three, Australia, Britain, Canada and France were missing from the sailing competition. Competitors were reduced too, with only 83 boats contesting the six classes, the smallest total since 1956.

For each class seven races were scheduled from 19 to 29 July 1980 of the coast of Tallinn (district of Pirita), in that time an annexed part of the USSR at the Baltic Sea. The sailing was done on the triangular type Olympic courses.


Tallinn Olympic Harbour

Estonia Estonia