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All About Measurement

All boats are required to be in compliance with the Class Rules when racing. Prior to competing at any level of event hulls and sails must be certified by an officially appointed measurer, while spars and appendages must be inspected for compliance with the Class Rules.

Measurement of equipment must be undertaken in accordance with the Class Rules, the Equipment Rules of Sailing and the WS International Measurers Manual. Each hull must have a Measurement Form, completed by a measurer before the hull leaves the builder's premises, and then a Measurement Certificate issued by the certification authority of the owner.

To give further guidance on specific measurement matters which are usually causing difficulties to sailors , the 470 Class Chief Measurer Dimitris Dimou (GRE) has produced a document called: "Common Measurement Problems and Solutions."

Common Measurement Problems and Solutions

10 Jan 2024

Common Measurement Problems and Solutions