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The 470 Great Book is a showcase of the history and evolution of the 470 and charts its inception and design from the drawing board of André Cornu through to the present day, bringing to life the history of the boat - builders, technical evolutions, boats built; the history of the 470 National Class Associations and the International 470 Class Association; and the history of the Sailors, champions and International Championships.


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The book introduces key stages in the evolution of the class, the class association and sailors in what has been a shifting landscape over the past 50 years. The history is chronological, with the following phases:

  • the birth of the 470 and its early development in France (1963-1965)
  • the first developments outside France (1965-1969)
  • from International to Olympic status (1969-1972)
  • the Olympic campaigns (1973-2012)
  • the future of the 470 beyond 201

Throughout are anecdotes and memories from renowned 470 sailors and personalities, illustrated with some great photos. Contributors include Malcolm Page, Heinz Staudt, Marc Bouët, Alain Corcuff, Yves and Hervé Carré, Yves and Marc Pajot, Dave Ullman, Tom Ullman and Tom Linskey, David Barnes, Christine Briand, Tommaso Chieffi, Thierry Péponnet, Leslie Egnot and Jan Shearer, Patricia Guerra, J J Isler-Fetter, Theresa Zabell, Andreas Kosmatopoulos, Belinda Stowell, Victor Kovalenko, Malcolm Page ... to name a few.

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