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31 Oct 2014

2014 470 World and European Champions Lara Vadlau/Jola Ogar were announced as Austria's Sports Team of the Year, in the nations prestigious sports award ceremony on Thursday 30 October 2014.

Vadlau/Ogar win "Team of the Year" ahead of 20 shortlisted teams across all sports

The pair were up against sports teams from a wide range of sports, including biatholon, ski jumping, football, handball, Formula 1, basketbal, equestrian and many more sports.

The Awards, conducted by members of the Sports Journalists' Association of Sports Media Austria selected Vadlau and Ogar on a vote of 1,038 points, well ahead of the Austrian Ski Team in biathlon (680 points) and ski jumping (554 points).

The Gala Evening gathered sports journalists, sports celebrities past and present and the nation's leading sports decision makers - a great stage to see Vadlau and Ogar take glory.

A fantastic result for sailing, building on "Team of the Year" wins by Roman Hagara/Hans Peter Steinacher in 2000 and 2004.

Click Here to read more on the Austrian Sailing Federation website.

Lara Vadlau/Jola Ogar win Santander 2104 ISAF Worlds


Lara Vadlau/Jola Ogar win 470 European Championships


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