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27 May 2020

(Original text in Japanese)

Following the national cancellation of the emergency declaration, the Tokyo Olympic Sailing team, which operates in Kanagawa Prefecture, has resumed its activities. The Japan Sailing Federation provides infectious disease prevention measures specialized for sailing (excerpt can be found below) and provides training in the form... of self-training. 

On May 27, at Hayama Port, Ai Yoshida / Miho Yoshioka of 470W and Keiju Okada / Junpei Sozono 470M  are back to 470s after about one and a half month in quarantine. Today the 470 Olympic team resumed practice.

During the self-restraint period, the athletes were training at home, but they sailed for a short time at Sagami Bay, the venue for the Tokyo Olympics. From now on, the Japanese national team will be training mainly in Hayama and Enoshima (since June).

Efforts of the Olympic National Team
Measures to prevent infection of the sailing national team (excerpt)
● Avoid going out except for training at sea.
● Avoid using locker rooms in the harbor if possible.
● Change clothes outside using a poncho, etc., and in the case of rain, under the roof or inside a well-ventilated room.
● If it gets warm, wash your body with a hose to drain seawater, and take a shower after returning home.
● Hand wash and hand disinfection should be performed as often as necessary.
- At the time of arrival at the harbor, before touching a boat or other facility
- After touching the mask while changing clothes
- After lunch, after touching the mask
● Prepare and tidy up with a time lag or maintain a social distance.
● Keep your social distance and wear a mask during face-to-face meetings.
● Be careful of crew members approaching each other when practicing at sea.

* For other "Olympic team efforts / infection prevention measures", please see the link below.
Japan Sailing Federation / Olympic National Team Initiatives

Source: https://bulkhead.jp/ in Japanese