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22 Aug 2017

Report from Day 5

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470 Class Japan Championship 2017

Finally, ENOSHIMA Seabreeze has arrived with large waves.  At 11:00, there was already 10 kt south wind, and it gradually increased.  Everyone enjoyed 3 races in REAL Enoshima summer condition.
R8 was 190/12kt, and after 3 general recalls, GF started after the 4th attempt.  Belcher, Isozaki, Doi and some others were BFD.  It was their favorite condition, and they wanted to catch up, so they were very disappointed.  Ichino lead halfway, however, Cinar (TUR) took lead after 2nd upwind which they holded till the finish.
R9 was more increased wind strength to 13-15 kt, and right hand shift started to occur.  Isozaki was not sailing R8 as BFD, so he had all his energy saved to this race.  It was great to watch Isozaki going downwind, and gaining his lead over Belcher/Ryan.
It was nail biting final race.  Early races were sailed under light wind, so those who did well in light wind had hard time today while heavier group enjoyed today to catch up.  Consequently, points got closer.  Giri-giri Boys needed a really good last race.  R10 was 200/18kt with big waves.  Belcher/Ryan enjoyed winning this race like their normal style.  NIPPON BOYS also sailed well to stay right behind Belcher.
There was enough time to do 2 more races in good sea breeze.  Japan 470 Association decided to do the National Championship at Enoshima for 3 years, every August.  Japanese sailors have a chance to sail with top overseas competitors, and overseas visitors have a chance to test the Olympic water.  Japanese sailors who did not get into the GF, try again next year.
Medal race is scheduled tomorrow with top 10 boats.  We are happy to see Ichino, Isozaki, and Okada lined up for 1-3 place with narrow margin.  It will be a tensed race.  Don’t let it go to Belcher.  Nippon Boys, you have to keep the trophy in Enoshima.
Womens championship – Mas/Barcelo finished 1st, and Udagawa/Seki 2nd, who is the new JPN Women’s National Champion.  Udagawa sailed very well in light condition in top 10.  With more improvement to the strong wind technique, they will soon achieve top ranking.
Those who come from overseas, we are sure that you all enjoyed the various conditions at Enoshima.  This is going to be the Olympic condition.  Be prepared for everything you had this week.

Source: Aiko Saito

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