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09 Feb 2015

Four days of racing and leaderboard shuffles in the small 470 fleet, but eventually Pakistan's Cdr Muhammad Akram Tariq/Khalid Hussain came out on top, after a run of four back to back race wins in the final four races.

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Sail the Gulf - Qatar International Regatta

Going into the final day the leaderboard was too close to call. With six races down it was a tiebreak at the top again. India’s Praveen Prabhakar/Vishnu Sujeesh on an equal 10 points with Duarte Monteiro/Adeel Khan. Sitting just 1 point behind were Pakistan’s Muhammad Akram Tariq/ Khalid Hussain.

A steady 13 knot breeze from the southwest powered the fleet as they prepared for the final 3 races on Saturday 7 February. As the breeze dropped, success would reward those who could hunt out the puffs and pressure. Three race wins to Pakistan’s Muhammad Akram Tariq/Khalid Hussain made it an easy overall victory, in a show of perfect form when the pressure is on. Gold to Pakistan, India’s Praveen Prabhakar/Vishnu Sujeesh in second, with Duarte Monteiro/Adeel Khan in third.

Nine races over four days  completed the series at Sail the Gulf 2015, held at Katara Beach from 3-7 February 2015 and hosted by the Qatar Sailing & Rowing Federation.

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