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04 Jun 2008

International 470 Class Launches “GO SAIL!” Programme

Do you dream of going to the Olympics? The International 470 Class Association is giving you the chance to start your Campaign four years in advance through our “Go Sail” programme, which is part of the 2009 Olympic Pathway Solidarity Grant.

The Goal
Taking part in the World Championship of an Olympic Class is something special and motivating and a stepping stone to the Olympic Sailing Competition. The International 470 Class wants to encourage many sailors in the 470 Championships, so that our fleet becomes stronger and stronger.

Go Sail!
In order to help the 470 sailors from countries where Olympic sailing is less active and support them to take part in the 2009 Worlds, the International 470 Class Association has set up a specific grant called “Go Sail!”, which is part of the 2009 Olympic Pathway Solidarity Grant (“2009 OPSG”). This is the first part of the 2009-2012 OPSG which will provide to the selected sailors the chance to have support towards their Olympic Campaign and help them to go to the most important regattas.

What Will You Get?
The International 470 Association will pay the entry fee for you and will offer you extra financial support, which will be split between the winners of the OSPG.

For Who?
This OSPG is for any crew that is eligible to take part in the World Championship and who has already completed the entry form for the regatta. We only need the OSPG Entry Form completed together with the confirmation of entry from the Worlds organizers.

Application and Deadline
Please complete the application form, together with a statement giving the reasons why you want to apply for funding and what your campaign plans are for the rest of 2009 and send it to the International 470 Class by the deadline of 20 June 2009. This way, if you win, you’ll have time to prepare your trip to the 470 World Championshp in Denmark!

Until then, don’t waste more time - just GO SAIL!

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