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11 Jan 2016

The Cape Town Classic is a happy anomaly - a strictly informal training regatta that is all about racing.

A special collaboration producing flexible and creative but hard-edged 470 racing for those who want to learn and improve, to test themselves and enjoy themselves.

In 2014 The Cape Town Classic concept was piloted, involving 2 French 470 sailors and 6 South African sailors.

In 2015 the event formally debuted at Granger Bay, involving a Canadian team, Swedish team and 10 South African sailors, with races run from a single RIB.

In 2016 the Cape Town Classic involved 2 Angolan teams, 2 Algerian sailors, and 19 South African sailors, with many spectators and helpers on the courses. The races were superbly run by Doug Alison and Bea Reeve from Philip’s Daniel’s beautiful 40-foot yacht Moonshadow, and with 2 RIBS in assistance manned by the ever-giving Dave Hudson and the wonderful Greek coach Nik Drougkas. People and organisations swarmed forth with assistance, co-operation and contribution, chipping in freely and almost intuitively with their time and/or resources to make this a very special event: RaceAhead, Oceana Power Boat Club, Royal Cape Yacht Club, South African Sailing, Asenathi Jim, Alex Burger, Sibu Sizatu, Trevor Wilkins, William Crockett, Mike Binder, Alexa Brown, Jane Hudson, Taariq Jacobs, Josh Rubenstien, Brevan Thompson, Alex Ham, Alex Lehtinen, Mike Hayton, Bruce Keytel, Callum Keytel and more.

There was no entry fee or charter fee, only a promise by every sailor involved to repair or replace anything lost or broken. There was no formal briefing, but plenty of daily briefing and debriefing about what we were trying to learn and what we had learned together. There was no prize-giving, only the mutual sinking of a few cold beverages on the Oceana lawn as shared story-telling took hold of the group of tired but hardened sailors and helpers after nearly seven hours of racing on the final day.

The racing itself was superb. Snugged into the gorgeous cove of Granger Bay, beneath the City of Cape Town and it’s iconic table Mountain, 10 sleek and swift Olympic 470 yachts racing intensively in turquoise water, zooming around traditional Olympic style courses, unconventional distance courses and probably the highlight of the Cape Town Classic, the high-octane reaching courses taking place right along the Cape Town shoreline with marks set literally meters from hotels, walkways, beach bars and anchored yachts drawing the interest of not only intended, but also un-intended spectators. What a thrill, what a sight. Long may the Cape Town Classic continue to evolve.

RaceAhead sponsored and organised the event, because this is really what the project stands for: collaboration, contribution, commitment, effort, invention, inspiration, upliftment, performance and transformation. All with our immediate eye on Olympic sailing success for RSA and the African continent. All with our long-term eye on positively changing the lives of talented people who most deserve assistance. All with our ultimate eye on keeping the flame of Nelson Mandela’s dream alive, for South Africa to realise its immense potential through the joyful combination our diversities, no matter how hard the wind may blow against this flame at times.

Cape Town Classic 2016
Pos Team Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Total
1 Asenathi Jim / Roger Huson 29 9 15 53
2 Brevan Thompson / Alex Ham 33 15 34 82
3 Sibu Sizatu / Alex Burger 38 20 26 84
4 Taariq Jacobs / Josh Rubenstien 40 27 37 104
5 Angola 1 45 60 68 173
6 Yogi Divaris / Ferdi Holm 81 31 63 175
7 Angola 2 64 66 61 191
8 Sabata Gayeka / Dan Spratley 74 66 64 204
9 Jason Gray (Ryan Bernado) / Alex Lehtinen 64 66 81 211
10 Ryan Robinson / Ricky Robinson 110 30 95 235
11 Nic Faraday / Wade Ashton 74 66 99 239

With special thanks to RaceAhead’s special sponsors and supporters: Southern Charter Wealth Managers, OpenBox Software, Synergy Income Fund, Homechoice, Macsteel Maestros, AMTEC, South African Sailing and SASCOC.

Photos by Trevor Wilkins: https://plus.google.com/photos/117086593120942909819/albums/6238053763446783713

Source: Roger Hudson

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