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07 Jun 2010

470 Virtual Sailing Game

The International 470 Class Association and Sail Simulator, the acclaimed providers of virtual sailing software, have partnered to bring you virtual 470 sailing. Sail Simulator gives you the ultimate “470 sailing experience without being on the water.”

This interactive sailing game, can be played online or locally on your computer, in a realistic setting. You can use the fully interactive control panel to manage all elements of your 470; from crew position to sail trim, centreboard position to course and more. If the wind is looking a bit light or blowing up, you can change the crew weight – the options are endless. For preferring the less advanced options, then choose to let the computer do most of the work and you just steer.

Players can race at great venues around the world, such as Koh Hong in Thailand, Cabrera Island in Spain and Scheveningen in Holland or fictional locations such as Treasure Island. You can race alone or challenge other players online.

One of the popular Sail Simulator communities – www.inportrace.com – even hosts regular “Thursday night round the can” online racing.

Sail Simulator uses realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist, and realistic wave and sea state boat response and imagery. The 470 Internationale has been working with Stentec, the developer, to make the 470 as realistic as possible and is delighted with the outcome.

“With more than 700 players challenging each other via the online rankings, the virtual 470 has already proven its popularity amongst virtual sailing fans,” commented Stanislav Kassarov, International 470 Class Association President. “We are delighted with the launch of the virtual 470 sailing game – a guaranteed interactive adrenalin fuelled sail, whether you want to control all elements of the boat or sit back and just steer. I am addicted!”

Special Offer
As a special offer to 470 sailors and fans, a discount is being offered on all Sail Simulator purchases made via the Sail Simulator link on the 470 website – www.470.org. The download version costs EUR29.90 (rather than EUR34.90) and the CD-Rom version costs EUR39.90 (instead of EUR44.90).

If you order the CD-Rom version you will also receive a download link to play right away. For more information and spectacular videos visit: www.sailsimulator.com

For those new to Sail Simulator, a very useful “Get the Speed to Compete” is available online full of useful tips - www.stentec.com/anonftp/pub/ss5/GetTheSpeedToCompete.pdf

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