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20 Sep 2010

470 Sail Stickers - How To Order

At this year's General Assembly Meeting of the 470 Internationale, held on 10 July 2010, it was unanimously approved that with immediate effect sail stickers shall be charged at a fixed fee of EUR 15,00 per sail sticker.

This price is restricted and final and shall be the same price which is charged to sailors by sailmakers. All sailmakers will be requested to record the price of the sail sticker separately on the invoice for sails.

Sailmakers can buy the sail stickers at a price of EUR 15,00 either from their respective National Class Association or directly from 470 Internationale.

For orders of at least fifteen sail stickers, then the price of EUR15 per sticker will include postage and packing. For orders less than fifteen sail stickers, postage and packing will apply. Buyers wishing to have the stickers sent by courier shall cover any extra costs.

470 Internationale will offer the National Class Association a discount of 15% on the fixed fee of EUR 15,00.

If the order is made through a National Class Association, the National Class Association shall record separately on the sail sticker invoice the shipping costs. 

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Image: Action at the 2010 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta © Thom Touw