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26 May 2010

470 Development Awards Announced

Twenty-five teams and 18 nations will benefit from the 2010 470 Solidarity Programmes, which provide financial support and equipment for aspiring 470 sailors. The 470 Solidarity Programmes offer a range of support to sailors and is fully encompassing to support those starting out on their 470 sailing career through to those campaigning to represent their nation at the Olympics. The challenges facing sailors in competing at events around the world are the same whatever your level of ability, and the programmes recognize that by providing an accessible pathway to financial support with up to EUR1000 per crew being awarded. Sails are also provided in partnership with Olimpic Sails. Reflecting the solid popularity in 470 sailing around the world, 43 applications were received from 25 nations.

The 470 Solidarity Programmes have been running for several years now with the International Solidarity Programme (ISP) and Olympic Solidarity Programme (OSP) focused on two different levels of ability. The ISP is aimed at those starting out in their 470 sailing and focused on “emerging 470 nations” which are developing their experience in the class and growing their base of 470 sailing. Alongside the entry fees, the capital expense of buying equipment is removed with the provision of new and virtually new 470 sails. For those sailors with the Olympic rings in their sights, the OSP provides crucial support on the campaign trail and supports entry fees towards the 2010 470 Class World Championships. Ultimately both programmes are aimed to provide the motiviation to compete internationally and achieve success.

Linking with the Solidarity Programmes, the 470 Class will also be running training clinics at several of its Championships this year.

The 2010 470 International Solidarity Programme recipients are:


Name Nation Gender Award
 Thomas Summer and Felipe Brito  Brazil  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Henrique Haddad and Thomas Low-Beer  Brazil  Men  470 Spinnaker
 Jen Braem and Erin Flanagan  Canada  Women  Entry Fee contribution
Fraser McMillan and Erik van der Pol  Canada  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Martin Kaal and Martin Leedo  Estonia  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Isamu Sakai Biddell and Michael John Halkes  Hong Kong  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Hok Yan Leung and Yau Chi Han  Hong Kong  Women  Entry Fee contribution
 Tamas Vigh and Mate Kovac  Hungary  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Reka Vigh and Kinga Szabo  Hungary  Women  Entry Fee contribution
 Rob Lehane and Larlaith Kennedy  Ireland  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Madara Dančauska and Rūta Eistreiķe  Latvia  Women  Used 470 Sails
 National Class Association to decide  Lithuania  TBC  New 470 Sails
 National Class Association to decide  Macedonia  Men  Used 470 Sails
 Diogo Gameiro and Miguel Fonseca  Portugal  Men  New 470 Sails
 Anna Kyselova and Liubov Chunichovska  Ukraine  Women  Entry Fee contribution
 Augustin Rodrigues Esteva and Guillermo Moreira Rodriguez  Uruguay  Men  470 Spinnaker


Financial awards have been made to the following amounts, either EUR300, EUR500 or EUR1000 for the 2010 470 Olympic Solidarity Programme:


Name Nation Gender Award
 Roberto Bisi and Santiago Masseroni  Argentina  Men  Financial contribution
 Aurelia Zulueta and Josefina Eluchans  Chile  Women  Financial contribution
 Nicolas Loftis and Louis Christodoulou  Cyprus  Men  Financial contribution
 Ondrej Bobek and Pavel Bobek  Czech Republic  Men  Financial contribution
 Antonios Tsimpoukelis and George Karonis  Greece  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Andreas Bakasias and Alexandros Bakasias  Greece  Men  Entry Fee contribution
 Tamas Szamody and Mihaly Bardos  Hungary  Men  Financial contribution
 Barry McCartin and Thomas Chaix  Ireland  Men  Financial contribution
 Sarah Berry and Emma Berry  New Zealand  Women  Financial contribution


Iulia Negoescu (ROU) and Fernanda Sesto (ARG) manage the 470 Development Programmes and have had the challenge of filtering through the applications to determine the recepients.

Iulia Negoescu commented, “The 470 Class will continue to strive to offer financial support to break down barriers in the sport of sailing and improve the ability for sailors to compete around the world. We are proud that the efforts of the 470 Class to reach out to young sailors will benefit the next generation to achieve their sailing goals. These financial awards will make a real difference and tackle one of the challenges facing sailing.”

Fernando Sesto added, “There are many sailors out there who are amazingly talented and have great potential. We know it can be financially constraining to travel around the world and pay entry fees. I hope that the awards recognize the contribution the sailors make to be part of our univeral sport and congratulations to all the sailors who have been selected to the 2010 470 Solidarity Programmes.”

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