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10 Jul 2010

470 Blood Runs in the Family

Mat Belcher and Malcolm Page made headlines during Kiel Week last month for winning three races in one day, having a perfect score going into the medal race, winning the Men's 470 gold medal and clinching the 2010 ISAF World Cup Title.

Did you notice that there was another Belcher in the 470 line-up? Rike Belcher, Mat's wife has returned to 470 sailing.

Australia's Golden Boys have been spending so much time away from Australia and alone on the road that Mat's wife Rike has paired up with her old team-mate Kathrin Kadlebach.

Just as Mat and Mal were second in the medal race during Kiel Week, Kathrin and Rike finished second in the 470 Women's medal race. Representing Kathrin and Rike's native country, Germany, they were fourth overall in the regatta, which is a formidable showing considering that the last time they competed together was during the 2008 470 World Championship where they finished 10th overall.

Rike's maiden name is Ziegelmayer and her family has been sailing and building 470's from their Hamburg, Germany base for a quarter of a century. Mat and Rike met years ago when she went to Australia to learn how to sail 470's.

She became a formidable 470 crew and has raced with talented Australians, including Mat and Lauren Jefferies and has won numerous international 470 competitions.

'We share a passion for 470 sailing and we enjoy being together. It has been nice to spend time in Germany with Rike and her family during the weeks before and after Kiel Week and I am really proud of how well Rike and Kathrin performed during their first Grade 1 regatta in nearly two years.'

'There is no question that they are talented and have what it takes to do well on the World Cup circuit and to win an Olympic berth,' said Mat as he, Malcolm, Kathrin and Rike prepared for the 2010 470 World Championship in The Hague.

Belcher and Page are newlyweds and they and their spouses have their sights set on living happily ever after …after they win an Olympic gold medal in London.

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Source: Lynn Fitzpatrick

Image: Mat and Rike Belcher © www.belcherpage2012.com