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26 Oct 2010

470 + 420 Clinic Delivers For 60 Sailors + 8 Nations


On Monday 25 October, the 470 and 420 Training Clinic started in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hosted by the Yacht Club Argentino, more than 60 sailors from 8 nations have registered. Primarily attracting teams from South America – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, sailors from the US Virgin Islands, Italy and Spain are also participating. Three coaches have also registered.

Coaching expertise from Juan de la Fuente ...

Taking place on the non-racing days of La Semana de Buenos Aires, the clinic is being combined with a 420 Clinic, although both classes have their own specific coaches.

The coaches in charge of the Clinic are Juan de la Fuente, Lucas Calabrese, Fernando Gwozdz and Agustín Zucati. Juan de la Fuente is a world class sailor, with three Olympic appearances to his credit including a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympics. Lucas Calabrese is the helm of Juan and has been competing internationally for over 5 years. National coaches Fernando Gwozdz and Agustin Zucati will work alongside Juan and Lucas

The breeze was mainly light and turned to moderate in the afternoon, ideal for the first day of training.

The day began with a welcome meeting where sailors and coaches got to know each other and each crew received a folder with the program and tuning information. The morning session focused on a boat settings briefing for about an hour, before the crews were divided into the focus groups for the 470 and 420. The focus groups spent time with their coach doing practical tuning of the boats and achieving the best sail shape.

The on the water training was based on boat speed and technique, before the end of the day practice races. The day concluded with a debrief.

The Training Clinic continues on 27 October.

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