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The International 470 Class Association continues the 470 Sails Support program where specific teams are able to buy brand new sails at reduced prices, thanks also to the participation of our sailmakers.

Specifically, the International 470 Class Association contributes with a EUR 500 voucher per set, which is sent directly to the sailmaker which will be selected by each team. Furthermore, sailmakers who have joined the program as our partners are offering additional discounts or even free shipping (see below).

The program provided for 10 sets of sails in 2019 and another 10 in 2020. Priority is given to Junior mixed, Junior, emerging nations, Olympic teams from emerging nations and teams transitioning from the 420 into the 470 class.

Please send your request to solidarity@470.org along with detailed information about your team and your intended competition program in the 470 class. . The deadline for applications for the 2020 program is NOW EXTENDED and should be submitted by 15th March 2020 at 22:00 UTC.

Sailmakers who have partnered with the Int. 470 Class are offering the following from their side as part of the program:

North Sails Japan: 20% discount on the initial price plus free freight

North Sails New Zealand: 20% discount on the initial price

Olimpic Sails: 20% discount on the initial price

Zaoli Sails: EUR 500 discount on the initial price


Other sailmakers are welcome to join the program by sending a request to solidarity@470.org.