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470 Junior Support Programme - Grant for Teams


Junior Support Programme Criteria - Free entry fees to one of the 470 Championships for the following season to each of the youngest women crew and youngest men crew (combined age of skipper and crew) competing in the 2014 470 Junior World Championships (under 22 years of age) who qualify to the Gold Fleet final series

If there is only a single fleet, then all sailors are eligible and the youngest men and women teams will be awarded the grant.

Pre-2013 Junior Support Programme Criteria - This programme was originally dedicated to the two youngest women crews (combined age of skipper and crew) competing in the 470 Junior World Championships (under 22 years of age) and consisted in two grants of EUR900 (cash) each. This programme was then extended from two to three teams and also included men.

The EUR900 award will be given as EUR300 cash award, and free entry fees to the next 470 World Championships and 470 European Championships.

How it Works - All the junior women and men crews are automatically eligible for the grants (the calculation of the combined age is made at the championship venue after the closing of the entry procedure) which are age dependent. The two youngest women crews and the youngest men crew receive the grants at the Championship Closing Ceremony - provided that the winning crew members are personally present to receive their cheque.

Past Recipients
The 2012 grants were presented at the 2012 470 Junior Worlds in Takapuna, New Zealand:

Gender   Nation    Sailors Age
 Men  New Zealand Nik Black and Ned Dalbeth-Hudson  
 Women  Australia Sasha Ryan and Jaime Ryan  
 Women  New Zealand Bianca Barbara-Barbarich and Julia Francis  

The 2011 grants were presented at the 2011 470 Junior Worlds in Medemblik, Netherlands:

Gender   Nation    Sailors Age
 Men  Germany  Hendrik Schollmann and Steffen Schollmann  
 Women  Germany  Frederike Loewe and Karoline Goltzer  
 Women  Hungary  Fanni Pech and Eszter Hejj  

The 2010 grants were presented at the 2010 470 Junior Worlds in Doha, Qatar:

Gender   Nation    Sailors Age
 Men  Qatar  Faris Albakri and Jassim Al-Sulaity  32 years and 6 months
 Women  Germany  Lorena Brunnhuber and Alina Hofstatter  34 years and 6 months
 Women  Germany  Marlene Trommer and Lorena Abicht  34 years and 9 months

For 2009, the crews with the youngest combined ages were all from Greece:

Gender   Nation    Sailors Age
 Men  Greece  Vasilis Papoutsoglou and Akylas Drougkas  33 years and 6 months
 Women  Greece  Glikeria and Dimitria Zisi  31 years and 10 months
 Women  Greece  Danai Siaylou and Natalia Siaylou  34 years and 7 months

Awarding ceremony of the Junior Support Programme in 2006:
left to right, Koropecki Nicolaj and Mongird Krzystof from Poland (youngest male crew), Ania Kula and Ewa Kula from Poland (youngest female crew) Nincevic Enia and Zupan Romana from Croatia (second female youngest crew), with Yalcin Gurkan (470 Class Management Committee Secretary)