The 470 Class World

Published Date: 29/07/2013

National 470 Class Associations and Individual Members


Flag Code  National Class Association President / Contact Email   Web  
 ANG Federação Angolana de Vela   José Augusto Junça  Email  
 ARG Argentina National 470 Class Association   Marco Lamas  Email


 AUS Australian 470   Mark Klemens  Email Web
 AUT Austrian Sailing Federation   Markus Wasner  Email  Web
 BEL AsBel 470   Cor van der Nagel  Email  Web
 BLR Belarus Sailing Union   Nastassia Pochebyt  Email  
 BRA Confederação Brasileira de Vela e Motor   Rafael Harada  Email  
 BUL Bulgarian 470 Class Association   Yana Markova  Email  Web
 CAN 470 North America   Jacob Saunders  Email  Web
 CHI Federación Chilena de Navegacion a Vela   Aurelia Zulueta  Email  Web
 CHN Chinese Yachting Association   Wang Jun  Email  Web
 CRO Croatian Sailing Federation   Ana Brak Taritas  Email  Web
 CYP Cyprus Yachting Assocation   Yiannos Photiou  Email  Web
 CZE Czech 470 Class Association   Dusan Koutny  Email  Web
 DEN Danish 470 Class Association   Lene Sommer  Email  
 ECU * Individual Members    Email  
 EGY Egyptian Sailing and Water Ski Federation    Email  
 ESP Real Federacion Espanola de Vela   Roger Noguera  Email  Web
 EST Estonian 470 Association   Ott Kallas   Email  Web
 FIN 470 Fleet Finland   Rosa Lindqvist  Email  Web
 FRA AS 470 France   Gildas Pouliquen   Email  Web
 GBR GBR 470 Class Association   Neil Marsden  Email  Web
 GER GER 470 Class Association   Catrin Janssen  Email  Web
 GRE Hellenic Yachting Federation   Dimitris Dimou  Email  Web
 HKG Hong Kong 470 Class Association   Ida Cheung  Email  Web
 HUN Hungarian Yachting Association   Kázmér Kerekes  Email  Web
 IND Indian Yachting Association   Ravi J.Nadkami  Email  Web
 IRL Irish 470 Class Association   Saskia Tidey  Email  Web
 ISR Israel Yachting Association   Gili Amir  Email  Web
 ITA Asitalia 470   Vincenzo Losito  Email  Web
 JPN Japan 470 Class Association   Seiichi Watanabe  Email  Web
 KOR Korea Sailing Federation   Hongjoon Park  Email  Web
 LAT Yachting Union of Latvia   Marcis Kalnins  Email  Web
 LTU Lithuanian 470 Class Association   Antana Juodsnukis  Email  Web
 LUX ASLUX 470   Norbert Colling  Email  
 MAS Malaysian Yachting Association   Tan Sri Dato'
  Muhammad Ali Ashim
 MEX  Federacion Mexicana de Vela   Manuel Villarreal  Email  Web
 MON Yacht Club de Monaco   Grene Karin  Email  Web
 MYA Myanmar Yachting Federation   U Moe Myint  Email  Web
 NED NED 470 Class Association   Rick van Wijngaarden  Email  Web
 NOR * Individual Member    Email  Web
 NZL NZL 470 Class Association   Jan Shearer  Email  Web
 PAK  Pakistan Sailing Federation  Abdurrehman Arshad  Email  
 PER * Individual Member   Diego Figueroam  Email  Web
 PHI  PHI 470 Class Association   Ernesto Echauz  Email  
 POL POL 470 Class Association   Rafal Sawicki  Email  Web
 POR Federação Portuguesa de Vela   Luis Rocha Email Web
 PUR * Individual Member      
 QAT Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation   Khalifa M Al-Sewaidi Email  Web
 ROU Roumanian National Class Association   Iulia Negoescu Fulicea  Email  
 RSA *  Individual Member    Email  
 RUS Russian Yachting Federation   Alexander Plotnikov  Email  Web
 SIN Singapore Sailing   Benedict Tan  Email  Web
 SLO Slovenian Sailing Federation   Jurak Saso  Email  Web
 SRB Serbian Sailing Association   Dejan Antic  Email  Web
 SUI SUI 470 Class Association   Alexa Bezel  Email  Web
 SVK Slovak 470 Class Association   Jakub Kanuk  Email  Web
 SWE Swedish 470 Class   Christer Levihn  Email  Web
 TUR Turkish Sailing Federation   Emrah Surmen  Email  Web
 UKR Sailing Federation of Ukraine   Evgeniy Braslavets  Email  
 USA 470 North America   Allison Jolly  Email  Web
VEN *  Individual Member    Email  



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Published Date: 29/07/2013


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