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The goal of the International Solidarity Programme is to support the nations competing in the 470, by promoting the 470 among countries that are interested in 470 sailing, but have a lower level of experience in the class and/or lack of funds to compete in the 470 at international level.

There are a number of countries where the interest in 470 sailing is strong, but for various reasons they are not able to fulfil their dream to "sail a 470" due to:

  • lack of funds
  • lack of national regattas
  • lack of coaches
  • lack of equipment

The 470 Internationale Solidarity Programme (470 ISP) will help sailors by offering the following:

1. Equipment Support - the recipients of the 470 ISP will receive one of two brand new sets of sails, or one of two sets of used sails, in very good condition.

We also have some sails kindly donated by teams, which will also be presented.

2. Participation at 2013 470 Championships - the sailors selected for the 470 ISP will have their entry fees subsidised to any of the following 2013 events: 470 World Championships, 470 European Championships, 470 Junior World Championships and 470 Junior European Championships. They will be required to pay the entry fee using the normal online entry system, and the entry fees will be reimbursed during the prizegiving of the Championship.

Who Can Apply and How To Apply
Eligibility: crews (either male or female) from countries with little international activity in the 470 class. To apply, you will need to fill in the ISP Application Form and have entered the respective 470 Championship online. The application deadline is: 1 June 2013.

Confirmation of Programme Awards
470 Internationale will announce the beneficiaries of the ISP as soon as possible after 1 June 2013.

Please be aware that the beneficiaries are obliged to compete at the 2013 470 Junior European Championship unless there is a reason outside their control.

The beneficiaries of the sails must attend the 2013 470 Junior European  Championship, attend the Opening Ceremony and the Prize Giving Ceremony where they will receive their prize.

Please be aware that if you are not present to receive the sails you will be withdrawn from the programme, and the sails will be awarded to another team.

More Information:
2013 International Solidarity Programme Application Form (Word)
2013 470 Junior World Championship Clinic
2013 470 Junior European Championship website


Looking back at 2010 .....

Read the 470 E-Times for an overview of activity in 2010

Looking back at 2009 .....

24 applications from 15 nations (Chile, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philippine, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Cyprus, Ireland, Republic of Moldavia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania) were received and the following 11 crews representing 10 nations were selected to the programme:

Nation Sailors
 Brazil  Thomas Summer and Felipe Brito
 Bulgaria  Yana Markova and Ina Ilieva
 Canada  Fraser McMillan and Erik Van der Pol
 Chile  Aurelia Zulueta and Josefina Eluchans
 Hong Kong  Catherine Jing Yi Carroll and Chi Han Yau
 Hong Kong  Ping Shun Tong and King Chi Leung
 India  Pallavi Naik and Rohni Rau
 Ireland  Barry McCartin and Finbar Bradley
 New Zealand  Sarah Berry and Emma Berry
 Romania  Mihai Radu and Laurentiu Matache
 Serbia  Andjelija Milosavljevic and Milena Milosavljevic

The two sets of brand new sails were awarded to the sailors from New Zealand and Serbia.



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Published Date: 14/04/2013


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