2009 Development Programmes

Published Date: 27/01/2010

The International 470 Class runs a broad range of development and support programmes, structured to provide support to the grass roots and elite level. 2009 has been an incredible year in delivery of programmes, particularly as the class has reached out to focus on new regions and support new nations.

Many sailors face difficulties in competing due to lack of funds, national regattas, coaches and equipment, alongside other challenges. For 2009, the 470 Class developed programmes which would help solve some of these difficulties and set out a clear pathway of support as sailors prepare for the coming four years leading up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

470 International Solidarity Programme (ISP)
This programme provides financial support for sailors who want to compete at the 470 World and European Championships. In addition, in partnership with our sponsor Olimpic Sails, the 470 Class provides two sets of brand new sails.

24 applications from 15 nations (Chile, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Philippine, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Cyprus, Ireland, Republic of Moldavia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania) were received and the following 11 crews representing 10 nations were selected to the programme:

Nation Sailors
 Brazil  Thomas Summer and Felipe Brito
 Bulgaria  Yana Markova and Ina Ilieva
 Canada  Fraser McMillan and Erik Van der Pol
 Chile  Aurelia Zulueta and Josefina Eluchans
 Hong Kong  Catherine Jing Yi Crroll and Chi Han Yau
 Hong Kong  Ping Shun Tong and King Chi Leung
 India  Pallavi Naik and Rohni Rau
 Ireland  Barry McCartin and Finbar Bradley
 New Zealand  Sarah Berry and Emma Berry
 Romania  Mihai Radu and Laurentiu Matache
 Serbia  Andjelija Milosavljevic and Milena Milosavljevic

The two sets of brand new sails were awarded to the sailors from New Zealand and Serbia.

You Can Help! Recycling of Equipment
2009 saw the launch of the “YOU can HELP” Programme, based on the concept of recycling second hand equipment which still has many hours of sailing life left and giving it to emerging countries and winners of the International Solidarity Programme.

The International 470 Class and Olympic Sails kick-started the programme by donating two complete sets of very good condition sails to sailors from Cyprus and South Africa.

Many of the leading sailors in the fleet have also committed to recycle their used equipment, including Malcolm Page (AUS) who opened his donation with the provision of two rash shirts.

You can join the International 470 Class by donating some of your used equipment and help other sailors to improve their sailing level.

GO SAIL! Olympic Pathway Solidarity Grant (OPSG)
The Go Sail programme is targeted at 470 sailors from countries where Olympic sailing is less active to support them to take part in the 470 Class World Championships, a critical step in the pathway to support sailors as they campaign for the Olympic Games. The sailors awarded the grant to cover the entry fee costs were:

Nation Sailors
Hong Kong Catherine Jing Yi Carroll and Chi Han Yau
Estonia Marjaliisa Umb and Elise Umb

André Cornu Grant
In tribute to the designer of the 470, the André Cornu grant is dedicated to youth.

A grant of EUR 1000 is awarded to the winners of the boys’ and girls’ two person dinghy event at the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship if they participate in the following year's 470 Class Junior World Championships or 470 Class World Championships.

In 2009, the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Champions were:

Nation Sailors
Great Britain Philip Sparks and Ben Gratton - 420 men
Brazil Martine Soffiratti Grael and Kahena Kunze - 420 women

Junior Support Programme
The Junior Support Prize, consists of a cash prize of EUR900 which is awarded to each of the two youngest female crews and the youngest male crew competing at the 470 Junior World Championship each year. For 2009, the crews with the youngest combined ages were all from Greece:

Gender   Nation    Sailors Age
Men Greece Vasilis Papoutsoglou and Akylas Drougkas 33 years and 6 months
Women Greece Glikeria and Dimitria Zisi 31 years and 10 months
Women Greece Danai Siaylou and Natalia Siaylou 4 years 7 months

Training Clinics
The 470 Class Training Clinics provide an intensive and focused training session, led by elite coaches. For 2009 two clinics were held, one before the 2009 470 Junior World Championship in Thessaloniki, Greece and the other prior to the Balkan Championships in Serbia.

The week long Training Clinic prior to the Junior Worlds was led by five-time Olympian, multiple 470 World and European Champion Andreas Kosmatopoulos (GRE), whose approach was clear, “The key point is to transfer the philosophy and the method of learning and thinking about the 470, not just to teach how to tack or gybe. I will support the sailors in finding methods of solving problems and finding solutions. I don’t want to give the sailors “out of the box” solutions - that would be easy to do. I want to encourage them to think for themselves. We are not looking for an instant success but an evolving, step by step development of skills, technique and mental approach to the sport.”

Whilst the clinic was a group programme, the dynamics of the participants also enabled time to be spent on individual team training. The primary focus was to prepare the crew for the Junior World Championships, including familiarity with the racing area and weather conditions.

With 19 teams taking part in the clinic, the first clinic of 2009 was a huge challenge and also a huge success. The International 470 Class covered all costs, including meals for the participants each day.

The popularity of the clinic was evident with an additional 14 crews turning up to join the end of clinic regatta.

Thanks to the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki for hosting the clinic and the Greek coaches - George Giabouroglou, Andreas Paleras, Nick Malis and Nick Drougas - who joined Andreas particularly to run the racing and regatta.

The second clinic of 2009, the Eastern European Clinic, was led by Karlo Hmeljak (SLO) a well known and successful 470 sailor and Olympian, who most recently competed in the 470 at the 2008 Olympic Sailing Competition in Qingdao.

The clinic took place from 31 August-2 September, scheduled immediately before the Open Balkan Sailing Championships which were held on the Danube River in Serbia. The clinic was specifically aimed at sailors from countries with the Balkan region, where the 470 Class wanted to support the increasing participation and interest in the class.

Participating crews were from Bulgaria, FYRO Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Turkey. With the exception of Greece, which has a strong 470 fleet, and Turkey that qualified a team for the 2008 Olympics, the rest are nations where the 470 Class has been recently developing.

Seven crews took part in the coaching sessions prior to the Balkan Championships, with nine teams joining the coaching support during the Championships.The pre-Championship coaching were intensive days. Many of the crews own coaches also took the opportunity to observe Karlo's instruction and improve their own knowledge.

The focus of the three day clinic included boat preparation, on the water maneuvers and techniques, goal setting, teamwork and communication. Practice races were held and Karlo also held individual debrief meetings with each crew.

Commenting after the clinic, one of the Serbian sailors said “this clinic has been the best thing that happened in this area in the last few years”. Over and above the expertise which was shared by the Instructor, the new bonds that the 470 Class has created in this region of the world were clear.

Thanks to the Serbian Sailing Federation and the host Sailing Club AJK Beograd for hosting the clinic and special thanks to Karlo Hmeljak whose contribution to the clinic was really something extraordinary.




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Published Date: 27/01/2010


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