Amanda Clark and Sarah Lihan Video Promo

Published Date: 14/03/2012

Check out this great video of the USA 470 women's team, Amanda Clark and Sarah Lihan who have been selected to represent the USA at the 2012 Olympics. Having just finished a training programme with the US Navy SEALs, the pair are now in their final event countdown as they prepare for the Olympics.

Next up on the schedule is the Princess in Palma, Spain, before they go Semaine Olympique Francaise, 470 Worlds, Skandia Sail for Gold and then .. the Olympics.

Team Go Sail London 2012 from 5K Productions on Vimeo.

More Information:
Clark/Lihan Team Go Sail on Facbook
Clark/Lihan Team Go Sail website



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Published Date: 14/03/2012


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